Amplitrex AT-1000 Tube Tester


2006-11-13 2:22 am
I am seriously considering purchasing an Amplitrex AT-1000. I build boutique tube guitar amps and really likes its features:

* up to 500V testing
* both preamp and power amp tube matching
* testing for microphonics
* plotting of tube characteristics

I have looked at other "modern" tube testers:
- Phils Bitmatic Tester
- Hagerman
- The Transcendent Tube Analyzer
- TVT dual triode tester
- Maxi matcher tube tester

And even the vintage Tek 570

But none have all of the features of the AT-1000.

Has anybody worked with this machine or have comments about it?



2006-11-13 2:22 am
Hmm, surprised there are not more interested in this tester. I spoke with Chris today (the manufacturer) and it will be about a 6 week wait.

Have others investigated this unit? Is there a better board to ask about this kind of thing, perhaps where there are more pros interested in tube testing?
I confirm being in Hong Kong for the last 10+ years. I'm not sure if I know John. I must get over to the island one day as seems to be an active group of tubeheads/full rangers there. I usually visit my mother in Sechelt every 6 months and I can see the lights of Nanaimo from her place.
The Amplitrex is expensive but the programability, portability and durability make it worthwhile, IMO.