Amplifiers for Aussies??

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Hey Guys,

Im looking to power a peerless 830845 in a sealed box which will be used mainly for music.

I want to find a nice musical amp to suit but the options in Australia seem limited when compared to o/s. I would rather not order from overseas and stick to what can be found down under. Currently i am considering a Behringer Reference Amplifier A500 from DJwarehouse which can be bridged into 500Watts (8ohms)

What experience have you guys had with this amp?? Nice sound? Good quality?

If any of you Aussies out there know of some good local places that sell a reasonable PA/plate Amp for roughly $300 i would appreciate some feedback!

Cheers all,
I'm using an A500 (not bridged) to run a pair of Lambda PB12's in sealed boxes. I only run them from about 150Hz down (sometimes more, sometimes less). I've had no complaints about the box, but it's not really running at any more than 20%. Good grip on the bass at that sound level.

That's a pretty good price, and the amp is versatile, if not the n-th degree in sound quality. But it'll play all day, shut off gracefully if too hot, and it's probably the best quality*watts/dollar of anything.
Cloth Ears,

It sounds like a pretty good unit! Others seem to be pretty happy with it.

Collo, cheers for the link! Have you heard the Jaycar/Altronic stuff? How do you reckon they stack up??

I want to avoid the Jaycar/Altronics amps. There seems to be a lack of documentation on them. I also dont really want to try and remove any of the boost sections myself - the A500 seems to be priced pretty competitively.

Also, Collo, checkout the prices at DjWarehouse (posted a link before) they seem to be pretty good!

What about active cross overs?

Ive found a matching a matching 2 way Behringer cross over (CX2310)...

Currently i have an oldish NAD C350 amp and a decent pair of speakers which are a bit modest when it comes to bass. Im thinking of adding the CX2310 and A500 to integrate a sub into the current system. Connected something like:

- Preout from NAD into CX2310
- High Output from CX2310 to NAD main-in
- Low Output from CX2310 to A500

Ive opted to use the low output rather than the sub output because it has a 25Hz high pass filter which can act as a rumble filter.

Any problems with the set up or a better solution/cross over??

Cheers guys


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If you can, save the few hundred extra bucks for a Behringer DCX2496 crossover. It's one seriously handy bit of gear, and an amazing bargain in my opinion. Mine cost $440 from a store in Melbourne. The parametric eq is invaluable for sorting out subs in bad rooms. Can you tell how much I love this thing? :D

On another thread someone recommended the Reckhorn B-1 as a cheap cross over.

The unit you recommended looks more advanced than this product and also has an amplifier integrated into the system. For $395, it is actually cheaper than purchasing a separate amplifier and crossover!!

I'll look into it. I think i want to pump more power into 8ohms though. It must be handy to adjust the output for bad rooms...

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Guy, I have been using the Behringer crossover for a few years now and I have had no real problems.
Others on this site say they perform better with measurment equipment to calibrate but Ihaven't had that fine level of hearing for a few years now.
I find it a very versatile and useful piece of equipment so much so that I own 2 CX2310's and one of the three way units.
I have had good reports on the Yamaha Pro amplifiers, but lets face it if its bass and you cross low a little distortion could be traded for power and most people could not hear it, in the short term any 200 watt power amp thru e-Bay may do the job
Regards Ted
The amps through WES are the ones modified by Stones Audio.

200w amp at Stones Audio

400w amp at Stones Audio

I'm fairly certain that the 400w unit starts out the same as the Jaycar 350w, and gets larger power supply capacitors.

I'm not sure where the 200w unit originally comes from.

Neither The Stones site nor WES list a price for either unit, so as Andy points out, contacting WES would be the next step
Pitty Aranmar Acoutics doesn't have the prices on there site.

Redgum prices are here

And as for the Reckhorn A-401, its a very nice looking unit. I should hopefully have one up and running in the coming weeks. Gives me a reason to bring out my old sub cabinets, and maybe make a few more. Always fancied a small, 6th order bandpass with a couple of SDX7s and see how they go. Pity I got rid of my old Jaycar plate amps, so to compare.
Happy New Year Folks,

Andy, Collo,
As it turns out, in my search for amplifiers, i actually did contact WES about the price of their plate amplifiers at the end of November:

S200W (200Wrms Upgraded Amp Module) - $269.00
S400W (400Wrms Subwoofer Amp Module) - $359.00

Thanks for the advice! I think i will stick to the Behringer configuration. Im not after SPL, Im sure 200W would fit the bill - i certainly dont want angry neighbors knocking down my door.

The A500 seems like the smallest, cheapest amp i can get retail - without resorting to Ebay. For $280, its a better deal than the WES/Stones plate amps... and on a hunch, i trust its build quality more (purely speculative). Like Cloth Ears said

the best quality*watts/dollar

Thats the hope anyway!

I'll sniff around for a second hand Yamaha. Hehe, the Redgum amps do look alright but unfortunately my numbers didnt come up the other night!!

Cheers all,
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