Amplifier/sub wiring


2019-11-20 12:21 am
So the boat I'm in right now consists of having a blown subwoofer and the rest of my audio system intact. There are two amps in the back of my car, one for the subwoofer, and one for the two front speakers. I'm rocking the Soundqubed s1-1250 for the sub and a 2x60 RMS 2-channel pioneer amp for the speakers. The setup that I had consisted of wiring a DVC 4 ohm sub down to 2 ohms and running the s1-1250 at 2 ohms which put out about 860 watts RMS. Fast forward to now, and my old sub has been blown.
Currently, I'm looking at the Sundown SA-12 rev.3 DVC 4 ohm subwoofer and was inquiring about it on another forum and was told I should get the DVC 2 ohm sub and wire it down to 1 ohm, due to impedance rise and being that the s1-1250 is 1 ohm stable, in order to get the actual amount of recommended RMS watts. I am new to the idea of impedance rise and am wondering, will it really affect the performance of the sub that much to where I should wire it down to 1 ohm? And a follow-up question to that being: without any aftermarket electrical system upgrades, and the wire being 4 gauge that's running to the amp and ground, will I have to do the big 3 or upgrade the thickness of my wire? The s1-1250 is rated to put out 1260 watts RMS at 1 ohm and 1. I'm wondering if that will be too much for the SA-12 and 2. If 4 gauge will be big enough for that kind of power. Thanks in advance, sorry for the wall of text.