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Nowadays in high power car audio, DC-DC inverter smps is the NORM.
Has anybody tried seperated cabinets for power supply and smps stages, and rigorous filtering, more so for high power PA applications.
I have heard a big touring rig running Carver smps power amps.
(michael Jackson tour - not a valid sonic yardstick ! :) )
The general opinion of these is that they are a bit bass light, elsewise they seem ok.
I am also looking for advice regarding smps topology and critical components.

Thanks, Eric.
Some seem to think they are great.
<a href=""><img src=""></a>
<i>A C37 wooden version using no PCB
Very high efficiency HF Supply featuring 100% Silver Power Transformers.
They power our reference SE 300B amplifier based allowing absolutely new levels of performance</i><hr width="95%" align=center>

<a href="'5612646'.WKU.&OS=PN/5612646&RS=PN/5612646">US Patent 5,612,646</a>
<i>"A linear audio amplifier includes a push-pull pair of vacuum tubes operating in a linear amplification mode coupled through a pair of dc-dc switching power converters to an external load impedance"</i>

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Hi Eric,
The Carvers sound like they were PM 2.0's. They are not normally light on bass. If the AC supply is weak they may cave on loud bass notes. Could have been the speakers and venue as well. EQ's ?

A switching power supply can work very well for audio amps. Easier to filter the noise out. The real gottcha will be going from a 12 VDC system up to the bipolar 50 VDC and up that big power needs. Some early Linear Power amps had supplies way up there. One I think was +/- 60 VDC!! Here, the car's system had trouble keeping up to the demand.

Going from a 120 VAC supply to whatever is needed is much better, and it gives you the opportunity to pre-regulate your supply voltage(s). Well worth pursuing this angle.

Eva is one member that knows a great deal on this subject. If she has time, I believe she could really help you along. You do need to spec out your supply and expected rails and power required from the supply (not the output power of the amp).

my smps


Looh my simple design (IGBT).



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