Amplifier RE-Vamp Or Scratch

OK- so I have a Xantech 1235X which I have dumped gallons of contact/electronics cleaner through its mint on the inside but still pops my CD's when powered on.
I have a POS Pyle 12 Channel Class D PT12050CH but noise floor is so bad I want to run it over with my suv.

I need channels to power my DIY speakers actively- As of right now I use 6 separate channels for drivers, but soon that will jump to needing 14 or more as the woofers i want to feed 100w-

Is there a amp that i can just drop in replace say the Xantechs with or a amp board that can easily be wired by an idiot like me to like 1-2 SMPS or Toroidal.

I don't have thousands to drop on a stupid multi channel amp- I just need an affordable/cheap 50W per @8Ohm with option to bridge and noise floor thats not ungodly.

I have way to many kids and working 10hr days so taking hours to make my brain bigger with learning all the ins and outs aint happening. Yes Ive been on Dayton Audio I already tried the Wondom/Sure 6 channel and its was gross noise floor. I tried "daytons" adau1701 DSP chip and it introduced train levels of noise so I wont even try "their" amps.
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