amplifier plugs

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does anyone have info on where to buy the power input and speaker output plugs used on several 90's amps and some from recent years on infinity kappa and digital amps, orion cobalt, ppi, dei viper amps? i have several amps with missing plugs. i know they are on ebay but i'm looking for a generic replacement that has no marking or audio brand on it (ie cheaper).

does anyone know the brand of the plugs at least? i think some of the smaller amps used Weco plugs for speaker wires but i need the bigger plugs like tose on the infinity kappa 202a below.

i have several of these amps that work but i'm missing the plugs. look for them on ebay once i find the correct plugs.:smash:
I Am An Idiot said:
I searched high and low for those plugs, several years ago, but I was not able to find out who manufactured them. Fleabay was the only place I found a half way reasonable price on them.

with all the experience on this forum there is bound to be someone with a lead on these plugs. i hope no one is holding out on us J/k :D.

$12 bucks or whatever it is on ebay just seems too high, especially after shipping. maybe we can put together a group buy at a discount with robotunderground if enough people are interrested. i could use at least 5 or 6 of each plug maybe more.
Hello guys, try the name WECO ....Thats the name embossed on the after market replacement plugs for all those amps. Its also called out in the Infinity PDF files for all those older amps. Just go to Infinity's site and download any of the Kappa or earlier PDF files. It calls them by name as WECO plugs.

You will find minimum orders required to get them, like my friend did that sells them on E-bay. They come only in black, and if you want white well thats a 1 to 5000 piece order minimum I have been told.

So be prepared to buy a bunch to get your low price your looking for. All you need to do is resell the extra couple hundred or so you don't need, so you can get them for a few bucks each....PPI and Orion wanted 15 to 20 dollars each for them back in the day....Good luck hunting:) :) :)
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