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Amperex bugle boy help


2016-06-14 12:10 am
I found these bugle boys in an organ I recently picked up. They are 12au7a with O getters. A very faint brown date code starts with a triangle which I believe would date them 48-50. I noticed something strange about the labels on these though. "12au7a MADE IN HOLLAND" is written in big letters across the top all in one line. I've never seen everything in one line like this. Is this an oddity? I don't believe they are fakes but maybe a rare label or rebranded from another manufacturer for Amperex? Any information is appreciated.


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Amperex is a Philips brand (like Mullard, Valvo etc.). Many of their valves were made in Europe. They had factories in many countries. 'Made in Holland' is a sign of authenticity, when backed up by the factory code showing Heerlen.

If a valve from Heerlen was sold in Holland it would be marked Philips; in the UK Mullard; in Germany Valvo; in the US Amperex etc.