Ampeq SVT7 Pro


2010-01-17 11:12 am

Someone brought this amp to me to get it fixed. When I first turned ON this amp, It was working as normal. Then after about a minute, the power supply turned off. After a second it turned on again, and then off again. It keeps repeating this constantly, on for a second, off for a second. I left it on for about 5 mins and then it went totally dead. I checked the mains fuse, it is OK, but now it doesn't power up at all. Earlier I realised that IC U2( ICE 2A165) was getting extremely hot within secs when the amp is turned ON. I have checked most of the components on the main board and they seem OK except the front board. What can probably cause this. Please assist.

If you have a schematic, please add it to your post there.

And yes, the way things are designed in Musical Instrument amplifiers are sometimes different from the "regular Hi Fi way" which is the norm in the main Forum.

In any case, is it an IcePower module?

Don´t answer here but in the Musical Instrument area.

The chip he's citing is a power supply part ... I'd suspect a dead short, probably in one of the outputs.