AMP15-PS-XP kit

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Hi, first post here :) so, Im thinking about this AMP15-PS-XP kit for powering two sonosubs Im currently building.

Im not sure if this is a to good amp for my use, some say a sub aint picky, some say they are!, I hope you can help me with this?.

My sonos are 302m inner diam, 4.5mm thicknes, 1200mm lenght and the driver is a dynaBel DY9242 12" 300Wrms 500Wmax.

If you have a better or more suitable amp kit to suggest I wold appreciate all good advices..

Ok,sorry for my poor english and thanks for all ansvers.
Maybe nobody know to much about this specific amp so I add some more info:

Stereo power, 2x300W @ 4 ohms

Less than 0.008% THD+N at 10W 8 ohm

Stereo amp best suited for 4 and 8 ohm loads, for up to +/-60V operation
Very low THD+N
Integrated power supply, just add a transformer (not included)
Based on the Tripath TA3020 chip
Analogue inputs
Hole mount components
Very quiet two-stage +5V and VN10 housekeeping voltages on board
Large 27.000uF 63V bulk caps on the board. Ultrafast MURS diode based rectifier
High quality output filter design
As with all our amps, low noise thin-film resistors are used throughout
Double weight copper PCB with black finish
Heat dissipating components all on bottom of PCB for mounting on casing bottom
Board size 100 mm x 160 mm, total height 90mm
D-class / T-Class design with low heat dissipation
AMP15-PS-XP is based on the TA3020 chip, like our AMP15-PS, Truepath and AMP7. This is a well proven chip which is hole mounted and has a large heat sinking capacity in itself. AMP15-PS-XP is a beefup of AMP15-PS.

This amp is designed for high voltages, up to +/-60V, with loads down to 4 ohms.

The output stage uses quad FETs in TO-220 package. These FETs are very easy driven and with the very compact output section design of AMP15 produce a very clean output, low THD+N over the whole frequency range. The output filter consists of oversized toroidal inductors wound with litz wire. They are followed by polypropylene filter capacitors.

On the board there is a high quality rectifier and two massive bulk capacitors, providing clean power to the amp. Regulators for "housekeeping" voltages, +5V and VN10, are on the board.

Our measurements show that this amp has THD+N which is just as low as our AMP11 aand AMP15-PS i.e. Around 0,007% at 1kHz, and maintains very good performance over the frequency range.

An IC socket for the TA3020 is now included in the kit.

What is needed for a completed amp depends on you application, but here is an outline

A transformer, normally a dual toroid transformer
A casing. As the heat dissipation is low, the casing bottom is usually enough as a heat sink
Hookup wires, connectors, fuse holder, power switch
Read more about performance measurements on AMP15-PS

If someone point me in the right direction where I can find some more info to help figure out more about this or similar amps and how to find the right amp for a sonosub I would be helped a lot.
I'm really a noob in the audio world but very willing to learn...
I can't believe no one chimed in on this. I'm no expert, but I hear very good things about the 41hz stuff.

Also consider Tom's stuff at I have one and they're really good and easy to assemble. The boards are finished. You simple connect, and put in an enclosure (if desired).

Good luck,
I currently own both 41hz amps and amps and they both sound great.
I actually use both in my 2-way OB system, Amp6 for the full range driver and a ClassDaudio for the woofers. (the Amp6 ended up sounding better than my SET decware amp btw :) )
So when it comes to sound quality, they are both very good (never tried the ClassDaudio amp on the full ranger though).
As to assembly, the Amp15-ps-xp is the hardest of 41hz's amps to assemble and tune, but it seems to be worth it. On the other hand, the ClassD stuff is for beginners, just hook some wires up and you're ready to go...
Just my 2 cents
Hi, just log into the shop account. Click on ACCOUNT and I there will be a button to docs n downloads. The BOM can be found in there.

Any probs let me know.

Hi! Does anybody have the AMP15-PS-XP BOM (list of components)? The website is down since the end of december 2013 and Jan doesn't give any sign of life. It's impossible to mount the kit without the BOM.

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