amp setup...4 channels on a 2 channel amp?!

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hi there, ok first off im pretty much a complete amateur when it comes to amps and speakers so the question i want to know might sound rediculous lol

ive got a 2-channel 1200w amp which i want to connect to 4 speakers (2x300w PA speakers, and 2x300w SUB speakers), i've got the a 2-way crossover dividing up the left channel for high range (pa's) and the right channel for low range (sub's). the problem is that i cant have stereo with this setup - which is what i want :(

ive thought up a way to get both sets of speakers working in stereo, with the crossover connected aswell. i uploaded a scanned diagram cause i figured it was too confusing to explain in text:

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

will this work? or will i have to buy a 2nd amp?

thanks, mark.

The short answer is no. You either use a passive c/o (expensive)
(though usually built into passive subwoofer cabinets) or with
a line level active crossover you need a least another amplifier
(mono) for the bass end as mono, stereo for stereo sub bass.


(I cannot make any sense of the diagram - it appears to have a mono
input so it cannot be stereo - your labelling does not make sense to me.)
It looks like you are thinking of + and - on the terminals as somehow different "channels". The - terminal on nearly all equipment is connected to ground. Thus the - for the right lowpass channel will be connected to the - on the left lowpass channel.

The schematic you have drawn, while creative, certainly will not work. All that would happen is the high pass channel would be connected to the amplifier via the + connections and return to ground through the low pass - connection.

As for the speaker connections at the amplifier, who knows what would happen. If the speaker negative terminals are connected to ground, then you will simply be sending high pass to both the series wired mains and the series wired subwoofers.

As mentioned above, buy another amp... buy-amp... bi-amp... get it? :joker:

edit: with apologies to Nordic for completely ruining his joke
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.