Amp selection help for speakers

Well I am building a pair of Electrostatic
loudspeakers. I have built a couple different sized panels.
Currently I am playing with a panel that is 6in. x 6ft. tall. I did purchase a step up transformer and a audio matching bias transformer from InnerSound. When I plug the speakers into my integrated amp I must turn the volume most of the way up just to get a listenable volume out of them.

Now I am thinking that the reason for this is due to the fact that the amp is not putting out enough Voltage?

So I am asking for any suggestions on a DYI amp that will push a pair of Electrostatic speakers.

Thank you for the input, Roger Postema
Electrostatic Speakers


Unfortunately electrostatic speakers can be very inefficient
and can require lots of voltage swing, but the rewards are great if you can get them working correctly.
A good site for some great high power designs is

Better output can be had by increasing your bias voltage and using an audio transformer with a higher turns raito but you have to be careful that you do not arc the panels.
If you are bi-amping you could reduce the diaphram to stator distance and this will increase your panel output as they now do not have to handle low frequencies.


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