Amp on - no input or speaker?

I have 2x150W Mosfet amps (Maplin kitsets). They have seperate power supplies, but a single Stereo Speaker Protection/Dethump circuit. The main use for this will be driving one or two 12" bins as personal stage monitors.

The question is, when this is running mono, can the unused amp channel be powered up with no input/output, or should I switch power to each channel seperately. I would rather not do this, as my bass playing 14yo daughter will be the prime user and I do not want to stress her too much by having too many don'ts.

Of course, the other option is to have two mono amps, but that means building a second Speaker Protection circuit (and another case etc).

Any thoughts

Most pro sound amp mfgs use switched input jacks that short the input to ground when it's not in use.

Like this:


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"Paralell the channels, double power and no risc that a unhooped channel can break."

I suggest that you DO NOT ever do this. Paralleling the outputs can damage the amplifier.

I've never had a problem with using only one channel of a two channel amplifier. If you're really worried about damage to the idle amplifier, insert a plug into the input with the tip shorted to ground.