Amp humm

Hi There

I have a Perreaux r200i amplifier

I noticed on the left channel they is a hum coming from the midrange speaker audible only form a few inches away .. but one you notice it// It cant be unnoticed if you know what I mean!! 😒

Unaffected by volume control , source selection ,or source connection high quality caps replaced 6 years ago but have been told they may be the problem attached is a recording from my iphone at 1 cm away from the speaker.. ignore the wind noise picked up..

The same noise can be heard from the right channel also.. but to a much less extent ( only in dead silent environment with ear almost touching the speaker)

What’s your thoughts?
I know technically not diy but I want to fiy fix it?
Cheers for any help
Hi. You mean you have noise in one of channels , when a working phone is placed very close to amplifier ? If so, that would mean RF issues ,amplifier can't amplifty so high frequencies and therefore detect it . Shielding needed and RF/EMI filtering inprovement.
I have an amp that gets a nasty hum in R channel and its true dual mono. I figured it out though when it was too close to an LCD tv eventually it will start up. My TV swivels a little to close for comfort. I figure the design quite sensitive and susceptible to whatever kind of waves the tv's emit.

In two other cases it was as simple as bad insulation under the transformers. On another amp occasion the tech found a faulty capacitor in a noisy channel.

Unplug everything except the speakers as said previously then check for it. I would go so far as to plug it in an isolated AC outlet around the house. And beware of buzzy appliances sharing the same electricity.

I <3 Perreaux amps. Good luck with sorting yours out.
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Second time I've heard (read) of this brand today. Never heard of them before . Nice amps (good amp porn) my type of layouts !!
There one of the prettiest amps out there imo. And sound as nice as the fit in finish looks. I dig amps with a lot of machined exotic metal. As long as its done as tastefully, and not over done. There is such a thing as too much, one especially comes to mind. But of course sq must check out first and foremost.

I distracted from the main point a little bit. Best of luck pinning down the issue OP post us your findings after sorting it. We all run into gremlins the more arsenal (knowledge) we have the better.