AMP guys be warned, this is a fishing trip

Ok ,this is a question where i want you to imagine i am you or someone like me who has a budget that cant be exceeded. I am looking for a used quality amp for a two channel system say, and I have 700 dollars max to spend. What would I look for?

Pretend want the best sound that $700 will buy.
I know where you want to go Master SY :D But i am happy just to know what is considered a quality amp for that price. My pioneer is not cutting it (i was told) and i agree. so i can swing 5 to 700 for an amp and i think i could get an excellent amp in that price range if i go used. Because they are older does not me they are bad . Most of the stuff in the stores today with their IC outputs sound like junk.

SO ignore room and speakers and what have you. Just a nice clean op statement ...

"i like so and so because they built and designed a good sounding amp thats blah blah blah. Good value for 700 dollars "

Like that. ;)

Say it for the Average Joe's like me. (sorry to offend any Joe's in this forum ) :cool:


2005-04-24 11:55 pm
North American Sound on Queen St. in Toronto has an Adcom amp all black with a rocker switch. I wish i had have seen the number on it. Its pretty big :xeye: Pretty sure it was a GFA - 555 .

What is a Nikko? He has an amp there with 175 watts per channel for 250 bucks that weighs a ton. But it is a Nikko and he was shifty when i asked what he thought of its quality.

Well he wants to sell it so of course he wont bad mouth it.

i DOnt think i have heard of a lavardin.

And freshen up what bro ? Mosfets need to be replaced, caps, resistors ?? something i can get at hopefully :D