Amp comparable with “The Wire Amp”

With the Aussie dollar taking a dive against the Greenback, I have run out of time to wait for the commercial version of The Wire. While everyone raves about how great it is, I can’t run my equipment on hopes and dreams, and with no indication of when (or if) it will ever be ready, I have to move on and look for something as good if not better.

I am looking for something that has balanced XLR inputs and can power a pair of RAAL 140-15AM Dipole tweeters. I am also in need of the same thing for a 2 x pair of a Scan Speak 12MU mids wires in series. Since this is a completely active system I don’t think I am going to need mega power per channel but I do need enough to play loud. Sound quality is of paramount importance. I would like to wait for The Wire, but without knowing a release date I have to move on.

I don’t know which class of amp is going to suit this need best so I can only post in one section and hope it is the right one.

Lazy Cat

2007-09-15 9:57 pm
So you would need fully assembled modules, OK. I think it is possible to be done by some forum member, couple Australian friends will set them up, maybe asking them is a nice way to do it. ;)
I am sure you would be pleased with resolution and transparency of mids and highs presented by VSSA. :yes:
Hi Lazy Cat, I have been looking at the kits offered by Holton Precision Audio (Aussie Amps) and they do a semi pre built kit that might be what I am chasing. Would require some assembly, but probably within my capability. It's not a raw PCB and components, it would be just joining the dots.

They seem to have some fairly favorable reviews, and the components they use seem to be of a fairly high quality as well. So unless someone has had a really bad experience with them I am leaning that way at the moment.

Un-assembled HPA-nxV200 R2 Amplifier Short Form Kit!
which 'the wire'? the higher power amp, or the LPUHP? the LPUHP, if thats enough power is simply one of the highest performance, most linear amps available. its in the very difficult to measure category. I havent heard the AA stuff on speakers of your standard, only on some ESL panels, so cant really comment specifically.

Put it this way, hochopeper has recently moved from AA amps to the wire for his B&W happily. the AA stuff is very good no question and actually depending which one, uses similar lateral fets to the wire poweramp (not LPUHP) so really it will be down to the power supply and layout to make the major difference between the 2. the AA NXV200 R3 is the only one that competes with the wire poweramp, very similar and a good amp, the wire is a 3 layer PCB so power routing is a bit more effective, but the amps are very close. the wire with DPS600 power supplies though, will beat the AA modules with linear supplies (which is what they recommend). the LPUHP though, for its lower power betters it. how many watts do you need for each tweeter and midbass?
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Goes without saying I am looking at the AA Signature Series (HPA-nxV200 R2 Signature Series is based on the HPA-nxV200 R3 but with better components) ... I was planning on getting some of the LPUHP for the tweeters, as I was told it would be big enough to drive a single 8 ohm RAAL tweeter.

I would like to hold out for Owens offering, but without any clue as to how much longer they are going to be I have to look at alternatives even if they aren't as good.
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this one, I havent seen good enough real measurements to see if VSSA beats this, but I somehow doubt it because it pushed the ability of the AP2 to measure it. VSSA will have a bit more power most likely, but if the power isnt needed, it has no advantage there.

mouse over the pics and hold there for the file name, which gives the specific measurement type. note the steep rise on the THD vs power graph, which I believe is into 4Ω, cant remember. thats due to the current limiting on the lme49600 kicking in.


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I think the SNR was at 1V from memory, more details are in the thread on the first page, where all these came from. the commercial version has a bit more power, a bit more swing and a few other tweaks afaik, but I believe any improvement is academic at this level if you dont need more than 15W into 8Ω, perfect for tweeter duties, which is all the OP wants it for.
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Lazy Cat

2007-09-15 9:57 pm
this one, I havent seen good enough real measurements to see if VSSA beats this, but I somehow doubt it because it pushed the ability of the AP2 to measure it. VSSA will have a bit more power most likely, but if the power isnt needed, it has no advantage there.

Look qusp I have here LME voltage feedback driver amp and it sounds like entry level amp in comparison to VSSA. I think you should look more to slew rate, OLG bandwidth, current transients capability, Zout type of measurements.
look lazycat, whatever you say, you arent even talking about the same topology or parts, not even close. no need to get defensive and start calling for other measurements, or waving your hands. I was asked for what I thought, I said what I thought and showed why after you asked.

if you are after a **** fight you are talking to the wrong guy. ive already commented in your thread that I thought it looked like a nice amp long ago. but for me, the LPUHP is preferred for my tweeters and thats why I stuck with it.

entry level amp lol, thats quite ridiculous, completely unfounded and a bit juvenile
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oThanks guys for the very determined feedback, it actually does help. Biggest problem we have qusp is it doesn't exist, kind of like saying fusion would be a great source of clean energy if only existed.

Unless we can get a production date, or some solid guarantees that it is going to happen, I am afraid the LPUHP is unobtanium.

I have had no response from Aussie Amps so unless I hear something early next week I will need to move on to something else.

A friend suggested I look at Aspen amps as an alternative to the wire, thoughts on that?