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Amp Board Project for Parts


2004-03-23 9:44 pm
This was a 150W/4-ohm amplifier design. I cannot remember though how I came buy it and all the doc's I had with it are MIA too. I have never attempted to get it going so I do not know if it works. I am selling it for parts or the intrepid resurrector. The main points of interest are as follows:

2x 10,000uf / 50V / 85C / TSU-type main filter caps
1x MPIL40 bridge rectifier (large)
1x KBP02m bridge rectifier (small)
1x LM337T
1x LM317
1x TL072CP 8P op-amp (legit TI fab)
2x Sanken 2SC3519A NPN epitaxial planar transistor
Sanken 2SC3519A
2x Sanken 2SA1386A PNP epitaxial planar transistor
Many other small parts, sand resistors, PCB fuse holder, misc. transistors (1239, 3068 dual packs)