American Bass VFL 110.1


2019-04-27 1:12 am
I have VFL 110.1 That I am not completely sure whats going on other than my drive waves are definitely not right.

What it was doing when I first got it. Protect as soon as it powered up.

What I've done so far. pulled it a part. pulled all the output fets off and tested them. put back on the output fets. they were all good. pulled the driver board off a parts amp I have and now it doesn't go into protect but the drive wave is all funky photos attached. I didn't test the 1d, 2d or p2d transistors on the donor board i put on it. I did test them on the original board that I pulled off and they are all good. I am not seeing anything wrong with the original one so I am guessing the 072's are bad on it. since the donor one seems to work better but still not right. BTW it pulls about 2.5 amps when its on. I don't run it for more than a few seconds though since I know its not right.

after looking at the attached drive waves where would you start looking? IDK if its just another bad driver board or something else. Thank in advance.


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