AMC 25100 repair

Hi All,
I have an AMC 25100 5x100W amp. While messing around with the cables at the rear I allowed the RCA cable feeding the Ch5 input to contact the + output binding post on Ch1. The result was a loud squeal followed by an acrid smell. I measured the output of Ch1 and found 58VDC present. I removed the circuit board for Ch1 and found one of the output transistors had a huge chunk of plastic blown out. The transistor is an A1386 and I have already ordered a replacement (surprisingly cheap at $8). I will also replace its mate the C3519 for good measure. None of the other components on the board show any obvious signs of overheating.

Should I simply replace the power transistors and see how it goes (they're cheap), or is there likely to be damage to other components? I have a signal generator and a CRO but without a circuit diagram I don't know what voltages I should be looking for.

Does anyone have a circuit diagram for the amp?