Amber 3501

I was lucky and got it from ebay at reasonable money.
They are pops sometimes.
Look at the photo - compact, stylish device with lot of functions. Looks sexy :D
They claims -102dB THD measurement limit!
At a moment, I finished fighting with powering task. The unit can run on rechargeable batteries or from external AC adaptor. No traffo inside. My unit without batteries (from factory, never has been opened) and without AC adaptor (I live in 230V area so no big loss). The unit has an unique connector for power input, no chance to get mating part. I make some handmade connector and now I can to do something. Started to learn it as much as I can without manuals.


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2004-09-08 7:17 am
Got a reply from someone tonight. They said:

Google doesn't always work well for this. Some time ago I was looking for a manual I couldn't find anywhere and someone here suggested I try the Test-Equipment mailing list, someone there directed me to a vendor who had the manual and was able to find another rare manual also throug a tip from someone on the list. Give it a try.

Hope this helps!