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Amber 3501 for sale


Paid Member
2004-03-24 5:16 am
SF Bay Area
I have an Amber 3501 that I no longer need. I just went through the calibration and installed a new battery. It runs fine on its battery as well as on line power. I can get down to about .0008% under the right conditions. It has the 20Hz to 20 KHz filter and CCIR-2K filter options, both are relevant to audio more than telcom. It has the balanced option but no output transformer and an oddball 1/4" TRS connector on the output jack that needs a long frame plug.

Local pickup $350. Shipping will be extra. I'll be away from Dec 19 to Dec 27. If not gone by Jan 1 I'll put on eBay.


  • Amber 1.PNG
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