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For Sale AMB alpha10 pre-amp

Things you have for sale.


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2015-08-24 2:28 pm
AMB alpha10 pre-amp, one of the nicest builds I've done.

It is configured with 3 SE inputs, and has 1 balanced output (always hot) and switchable SE output (one pair of SE outputs was never populated)
It is fully remote controlled, with VFD screen.
I/O are relay switched.
Volume control is stepped relay ladder.
Preamp gain is configurable, I believe it is currently at 2x (i.e 6dB gain)

Originally, this preamp is SE only and uses discrete modules for the buffer/gain amp (the alpha20 modules)
At the time my power amp was balanced so I modified it to use the IC based alpha24 with SE-BAL conversion which provides both SE and balanced outputs.

Included with the sale, I will provide another rear plate and the alpha20 discrete JFET modules (with matching K70/J74) if someone prefers SE-only with the discrete modules.

Ignore the black knob, it was temporary. The actual knob is smaller in a matching silver and looks much better.

Build cost was approx. $1400, asking $800.


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