Amazing new iPod Dock: the iDriver

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Years of research and development have led to an amazing breakthrough in hi-fi sound for your iPod and your home. A highly advanced speaker system that can deliver beautiful, rich sound to every corner of a room. Simple to use, highly portable, and smaller than the average iPod docking system, you have to try what many are already calling the most audiophile solution for the iPod ever in the history of the iPod and speakers.


That's all you need! By utilizing and open, rear vented design the iDriver can deliver a more expansive, dynamic sound. See, most iPod stations seal their speakers in an enclosure, robbing them of half their potential output. The iDriver's unique, patented design makes use of the forward and backward motion of the speaker cone, doubling it's output efficiency and filling the room with music by bouncing sound waves off the surfaces around it.

"I've never heard a more realistic sounding speaker." James 'Earl' Jones, acoustic engineer.

Jones was amazed by the imaging of the iDriver. By utilizing only one speaker cone, the iDriver can better mimic a human voice, a single guitar, and each drum, all of which come from single sources in real life. Other systems load lots of speakers into one box to equal the sound output of the iDriver, but in doing so fail to accurately reproduce the single source nature of a single singer, a single drum, or a single instrument. You'll think the singer is right there IN the iDriver.

"It was so easy to set up, I can use it anywhere! And it looks great, blending in to any decor." Jane Murphy, interior designer.

The iDriver is the only iPod system to use a unique magnetic docking point for your iPod. Simply turn the iDriver over, and set your iPod on the metal disc on the back of the unit. Your iPod will stay in place until you're ready to take it with you. The included cable plugs into the iPod headphone jack and connects via alligator clips to the metal tabs on the back of the iDriver, red to +, black to -. We have cut the unnecessary filtering of the signal out of the iDriver by using an analog playback system, or APS.

"You've heard the joys of vintage and analog you can have it with APS."

You don't need a turntable to get analog sound, you just need the iDriver. The APS takes the signal from your iPod and converts it directly into sound, with no outside amp or circuits to corrupt the signal. Music doesn't get more pure.

We're so sure you'll like the iDriver, that we'll back it with a 30 day money back guarantee. Call us, see our ad in this Sunday's coupon section, or find us through your local interior design magazine.
drewdoog said:
Only a 30 day money back guarantee?

The sound is so mind-blowingly good, you will not need it!!!

It does omit the fact that you can have it by next-day delivery for a deposit of only 25% with the balance on 3 easy payments - interest free!. All major credit and debit cards accepted.


Edit :- I should mention that I have several of these Brilliant units already. Unfortunately, due to downsizing of my system, I will reluctantly have to sell a couple. I can sell them to forum members for a fraction of the original cost. I do not accept plastic only CASH. Mail me.......
The sound really is THAT good. Just turn the volume up, sit back, and prepare to be blown away. People can't believe such an expansive, room filling sound can be had from a single, easily hidden unit, but even from a box in the closet or the kitchen counter, but the APS (analog playback system) always delivers an amazingly airy, roomy sound.

Many design magazines are already praising the iDriver. "It blends in so well with all the junk your husband has lying around the house, you'll hardly notice it's there....until you turn it on, that is."

But wait, there's more! The iDriver will satisfy that environmentalist on your list. By using fewer materials than other docks, and through its woodless construction, the iDriver has reduced its carbon footprint to next to nothing!
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