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Aluminum Oxide insulators TO-247

I have in mind to do a new order to Mouser, give me the part number so I will include in my order.



Your offer is very kind, the mouser code is 532-4180 and i need four pieces. How much can cost the shipping from your country to Italy with standard airmail? If you agree i can pay via paypal (plus the fees) or eventually i can send a bank transfer, the one you prefer.

Let me know, many thanks ;)
Hi Felipe;
Bit of a cheek I know but would you be prepared to order 8 for me too please.
I can pay by paypal if your agreeable. TIA

Hi Keith

The 8 aluminium oxide pads cost 6€08
Standard mail (not insured) till 20gr 1€07
Standard mail (not insured) till 50gr 1€29

+ 4% paypal

Please let me know: send me a pm with full name & address to send the pads.



P.S. If people follows to ask more pads will create a GB :D