Aluminium for front panel


2001-01-29 9:58 pm
Great link byu, but you wouldn't happen to know any european adresses like it? It'll cost an arm and a leg to ship the metals to europe from the US, especially if you like the look of copper on your DIY-stuff :)

Jouch - try the local phone directory for telephone numbers on companies in your area that does aluminium work. Try contacting them - i´m pretty sure you can find a (smaller) company that will help you, especially if you can do all the machining yourself and just need a piece of metal that will roughly fit the dimensions.

Good luck!

PS: If you want to have the metal anodized, try contacting a school that teaches mechanical engineering - sometimes they are just dying to get something they can play with in their expensive equipment....


2000-12-31 9:31 am
It's a tough item to find. The best is to get a local shop go through their inventory and see what they can cut out for you. The problem is also that you can't shear-cut aluminum that thick and make it look good, so the rough cut piece has to be finished on the mill. Unless you have a mill handy you need to have the shop do it for you. I did mine in the student shop at the university and it took me 1 hour to do it but I am no expert machinist and the aluminum was only 5mm thick.