Alubutyl is good?

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hi, I wanted to ask you for an opinion on this anti-vibration material, to be used inside two speakers with thin panels. it looks good to me, the only thing that doesn't convince me is the aluminum layer, could it create rebounds of sound waves?

Our Alubutyl has the strongest surface adhesion and no bitumen smell. The Reckhorn DV-10 is self-adhesive and suitable ideal for vibration and sound insulation. | Reckhorn

the alternative is this, made for construction, the problem is that it does not stick to the wooden walls of the box and therefore I sound should fill each panel entirely with glue and I don't know if it's okay


Thank you
The combination of butyl and an aluminium foil is known as a CLD (constrained layer damping). Often used on metal surfaces like on the inner side of a Car door.

While it may do something when its stuck on wood, I don't expect it to act as a true CLD layer. The aluminium foil layer is probably too thin to be able to act in this way. Their target often is sheet metal as found in cars.
Butyl is very sticky though, I've stuck it on wood many times and often have used similar materials in my own builds. I use butyl rope often between two contact surfaces.
I guess it could be used to replace a bitumen product. You could add a felt layer over it to prevent reflections of that aluminium skin.

The purpose of a bitumen matt product inside an enclosure often is to add weight/mass. There are more ways to do that, one could use a mass loaded vinyl (MLV) on the wood walls. This is a very heavy, high density type of vinyl. This type of material is referred to as a sound blocker.


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I have some sound deadening foam that has a mass loaded vinyl layer and an aluminium foil layer. I did experiments with and without the aluminium foil. The effectiveness of the material was greatly reduced when the aluminum was removed.

edit: this is not what I have, but is by the same company (looks like a newer product) Vibration Damper - Sound Absorber - Pyrotek

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Dynamat Extreme is just such a foil coated butyl material, it's better than the none foil version at damping light metal panel resonances, but it won't beat true CLD for damping heavier and stiffer panels. You have to find the trade off between the important of taming panel resonances and those from reflected sound inside the cabinet.
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