Alternatives to Speaker Stands?

I'm trying to think of alternative ways to mount speakers that give the positional benefits of speaker stands (away from the wall / floor / ceiling / enclosure), without using stands themselves.

I have several young kids, and I'd like to keep the speakers safely elevated without the risk of tipping. We generally practice "house proof the child" rather than "child proof the house", but some things don't feel like they are worth the risk.

The two mounting ideas that come to mind are extended wall mounts (i.e., rigid supports extending 1-2 ft from the rear wall) and hanging mounts. Are either of these ideas worth pursuing? They would both eliminate the risk of tipping mounts and knocking speakers off stands, but I'm not sure at what cost. I see speakers hanging from cables all the time, but I picture it being a bit obnoxious in a house. Rigid wall mounting seems to make logical sense to me, but I haven't found any good examples of it.

[My current "build" is a set of Zaph Audio SR71 speakers. I finally realized I don't have time to build cabinets, so I'm actually not making them myself as I originally intended.]
I think you need two of these to put your SR71’s on top of, no chance of knocking those over. :)

Double Gem

I like where this is heading :)... but I'm trying to avoid having drivers where the small kids can reach. I'm picturing someone tearing up the grills and poking at the dust covers.

I suppose a heavy stand with a large enough base would likely solve the problem. I'll have to think about how heavy and large that might be.


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Ceiling mounts such as those would be visually appropriate, but I'll need something stronger. I've got to calculate the weight of these speakers, but I expect it is in the 40 lb range.

After thinking so much about how heavy the stands should be to reduce movement, I wonder if there is a meaningful way to do the same with a ceiling mount. I suspect not.
you have kids, speakers are subject to pokes, spills, and knockovers - you need a great pair of speakers that perform well without being too far out in the room, are protected from prying fingers, and reasonable stable - best choice with kids in the house is a pair of ohm Walsh speakers - I have a pair of used Walsh 2's and very happy when the kids are around