Alternative for 17w75 xl: for a richer sound


2002-01-14 9:14 pm
I have build a TL speaker with a Dynaudio 17w75xl and a d28-2. I think that the combination lacks spirit; it sounds very analytical but not very exciting. The XO in the box is that of the Dynaudio foccus. I think I have changed the rest of my set to the best for the speakers. I use a tube amplifier (ul40s2 from amplimo & ahtjoeb 2000). It sounds much better than it did, but nevertheless... Violins and pianos are very laid back, lack body, voices are a little dark and not really soft and natural.
Could someone think of a midbass unit that gives a 'richer' and more lively sound and that can be used in a (short) TL? I am willing to change the tweeter as well, but I doubt that the problem lies there.
Thanks, Hans