Altec-advice sought for amplifier

I have a triamped main system using the Altec Model 19 parts in an MLTL cabinet with the Altec 416 alone in the 15 cu ft cabinet. I have been driving the woofers with a JBL 6290, way too much power and I think there is a better choice for the 416's.
I use a Pass F5 on the horns and have a AMT1 used as a super tweeter, using a variety of smaller amps for that.

The sound is good (I may remove some stuffing in the cab as an experiment).
The 416's and MLTL keep the lower register effective and there is no "bump" at 100 hz ->150 hz, as is typical for the stock cabinets.

What I'm seeking is a good amp design that can control the Altec 416's and is a better fit than the JBL.


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2004-10-07 6:05 am
What worked best for me with the 416 in the A7/A5 bass cabinet was an Icepower amp module. Plenty of power, clean, dynamic and the low output impedance sounded very good with the 416s.

Not all Altec woofers are the same, and cabinets are different. But that's what worked well for me.