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Altec 825's - 4 total

I was going to re-furbish these, but I don't have the time and space to be able to do so with the rest of my projects. So, I'm going to sell these 825's.

I have 4 of them, all in similar shape. They look to be original Altec, but I can't confirm. They have had some of the, IMO, wise bracing added in a few spots. The port plates have been modified, but that's just a piece of plywood, so you can configure however you like. I have the rear plates for all of them as well.

Local pickup obviously. I live between Austin and San Antonio. I can deliver to Austin/San Antonio for a bit of extra cash. I also periodically go to DFW, so that's a possibility as well.

$250.00/pair, or $400.00 for all four.

Altec 825 - Google Photos