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Altec 816 Beyond Ariel Inspired RADIAN 745 Neo Azura 425 Le Cleach Horn Welborne


i sold off my project speaker which was inspired by the Beyond the Ariel Thread on diyaudio .

i considered myself lucky to have picked up a pair of Exemplar Ported Bass Horns which were actually build by Welborne Labs . here are two links , the first showing the welborne labs horns :

Audio Asylum Thread Printer

the second describing the Exemplar Bass Horn Project on which they are based:


when i received the Horns i started sanding them and primed them with the intention to paint this summer , but as it turned out , my plans changed . at this time they are primed , and i could easily offer to finish them in duratex for a small fee , or if they don't sell , i might actually finish them in a nice midnight blue .

the bass bins were additionally braced in the horn flare section to eliminate resonances , and sheets of blackhole5 were applied to further dampen the box. speaker posts are pure copper cardas . they have each two 3" flared precision ports .

on top we have the Azura 425 Le Cleach horns as discussed at length in the beyond the ariel thread , which i used with a pair of Radian 745 neo 16 drivers . i did not feel the need for a super tweeter .

no crossover is included in the sale as i used a DEQX to take care of the 700hz crossover point . i have the original pallets the bass bins were shipped on and also the boxes for the horns and GPA 416 drivers .

asking price is $2500

i would prefer a local pickup or might be able to deliver within the area of WI , Madison , Milwaukee , Chicago, St. Paul.

but i am willing to ship everything if you can arrange a freight service for pickup .

to sum up what is included in the sale :

two Great Plains Audio (Altec) 416 8C

Two Radian 745neopb16

Two Azura 425 le cleach Horns

Two Welborne / Exemplar Mid / Bass Horn ported

the setup was only used for a few months and all drivers are in very good condition , just past the break in period . i will consider selling parts of this setup but would want to sell the bass bins first .






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i had a few inquiries regarding shipping so i would like to add some information .
i am willing to ship but you will have to find a freight company to pick these up , prices vary greatly and it is worth shopping around .
if anybody knows of a reasonable shipping service please let me know .

the bass bins are approx. 26x26x26 and weigh 90lbs each , i do have pallets for them . shipping is from wisconsin 53965 .