ALTEC 811B or B&C Horns for Small Room

I've been using ALTEC A7's in my 600 s.f. workshop for years and am very happy with them. I have an additional set of 416-8 woofers, 811B horns and 802-8D drivers. I would like to build some enclosures/crossovers and use them in a 9x12 dedicated listening room but I'm thinking the 811B horns may not be the best option.

Would these B&C horns be more appropriate for this small room?


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Yeah, there's lots of tweaks to make them (much) more HIFI with dealing with its 'ringing', mass quantities of reflections back to the throat modulating the driver being the worst offenders, but the best option is a DIY pure WG with the 'right' polar response for the app.
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When used as for waveguiding, an appropriate larger device can be a better match for a smaller room because it helps with those walls. I assume that's what you are asking, there are many aspects to horn suitability.

On the other hand you might be guided by your choice of woofer as the size of this constrains the performance requirements of the horn.
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