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Altec 511 b, Selenium d220ti, an others.

single Altec 511b green F.S.

I have for sale 1 green Altec 511 B horn for sale, this looks to be originally one of the green ones but I am not sure. There are 2 broken ears on the outer part but I don't believe it effects the sound. I am asking 50.00 O.B.O. plus shipping, I am willing to ship internationally but its going to cost, buyer will have to pay all fees and taxes what ever they will be.

I all so have 3 Selenium D220ti 8 ohm screw on drivers with 2 hm17-25 horns for 115.00 obo plus shipping, same with international shipping, buyer pays all fees.

Last I have a Bob Crites a/4500 crossover network that is pending sale, but if it doesn't go through, I am asking 85.00 for it plus shipping, same as above.

Everything is in good working order and used. I accept paypal. I am open to trades depending what it is, I would like to get a hold of any parts that will help me on my F5tv2 build, I have the boards, and ordered transformers, and transistors, so would just need the rest. I would all so be looking for a pair of those Fostex full range drivers.

Thanks for looking email me any questions.I have pictures but for some reason the site won't let me post them, so I can email them to you if you want.
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