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ALPS Japan RK09L12B0A31 Logarithmic 50Kohm Dual-Gang Potentiometers

Update (October 6 2021):

Potentiometers available. Shipping resumed to most countries worldwide.



These are 50Kohm logarithmic dual-gang flat-shaft type potentiometers intended to be used as volume controls. I bought a few hundred of these a few months ago. Willing to let some of them go as I don't need so many. I have tested these myself - turning is smooth and volume level following shaft turning is excellent as expected.

Full details of the particular model in Alps website: Link >> ALPS RK09L12B0A31.

These are offered in a set of 4 potentiometers, along with 4 metal washers and 4 mounting nuts in an antistatic pouch.
Each set costs 5 US Dollars (1.25USD for each potentiometer). Maximum 4 sets can be bought without an increase in shipping cost.

Foreign Shipping:

Packing+Processing+Shipping charge is flat 8USD for all countries via Registered Post with ~30 days delivery time.
Packing+Processing+Shipping charge via Air Parcel with ~15 days delivery time is higher and different for every country and will be shared via private message if desired.

Overseas payment is accepted only via PayPal. PayPal transaction charge 2USD for 1 set of potentiometers including Packing+Processing+Shipping charge. Afterwards 1USD for every 10USD transfer.

For example: One set of potentiometers shipped to any country via Registered Post will cost 5USD+8USD+2USD = 15USD total. Two sets shipped via the same method will cost 2*5USD+8USD+2.5USD = 20.5USD.

Domestic Shipping:

Shipping is done via SpeedPost. Cost Rs.150 for all states.

If interested please leave a post mentioning your user ID followed by sets required. Shipping is sequential and will follow payment, meaning no need to wait for GB list to reach certain number of buyers.



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