Alpine MRP-M450

Got this amp from a friend.

It looks very cheap and poorly built, so I dont want to spend alot of time on it.

He replaced the outputs before and said it would play fine in stereo but when you bridged it the outputs would burn up.

I got it in pieces and the outputs are missing.

I need to know what outputs it had.


He "thinks" it had like TIP41C and TIP42C but cant remember nor can he remember the order they go in.



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Came with an Alpine heat sink, bottom cover with Alpine sticker, and endplates. Everything lines up perfect.

Says Alpine V-Power 2/1 channel power amplifier. 1000 watt MRP-M450

Heres a pic of the heat sink.

Maybe someone was putting Boss amps in Alpine heat sinks and ripping people off?

Board number is 06-020162-1100
REV: 1.0


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