Alpine MRP-M450

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This amp has IRFZ44N and IRF5305 transistors for outputs. one of the IRF5305s was reading shorted and now it is off of the PCB. Nothing much else seems to be degraded.

With the transistor gone the amp powers up and is producing a high ammount of distortion at the outputs. Voltage accross the outputs are ~0.040v.

Does this amp require all output transistors to be fully functioning and clean?

I dont think I have a substitute for IRF5305 outputs. Anything common I can use for testing here? Do you think I'll have enough need for IRF5305 transistors to order a small batch?

Maybe not for this amp...

If I remove all the outputs perhaps I can get a better status on the driver IC...
I now of nothing else that uses the 5305s.

Class D amps can be finicky. Using a sub may work. Try an IRF9640 if you have one.

if you remove all of the outputs and drive a strong signal into the amp, you 'may' see a 10v p-p drive signal on the gates. If all of the gate resistors for the outputs have a clean square wave, the IC may have survived. I don't know if this will work with this amp but it works on various other class D amps.
I removed all outputs and did what you said. The signal picked up on the scope is very weak and I had to max out the intensity on the scope just to make it show anything. Its a 10v square wave... Found on all of the output's gate pads.



I might try all new outputs in this amp.
It's not that the signal is weak. A weak signal would be a signal with virtually no amplitude.

It's normal to have to increase the intensity as you go towards the maximum sweep rate but you shouldn't have to max it out. The scope's CRT or the internal drive circuit may be a bit weak.

The drive signal looks OK but I'd expect the 'corners' to be a bit more square. Install the new FETs to see if it the driver IC survived.
You are right, it was my scope. The above image had the scope set to ~2uS which I gather was too fast or my scope is a little off, or old. When I set it to 2mS the image looks better, a little slanted though.

AC trigger, 5v/Div, 2mS


I'll give new outputs a whirl.
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