Alpine 3558

So, trying my hand at this again. This time I think I have an advantage to having a pretty comprehensive service manual. Been trying to get this amp to work for some months now. When I got it, both LEDs were orange upon powering up. I took it apart and found it needed caps as expected. I replaced all the obvious leakers and the surrounding ones. Basically all new caps except for the ones on the RCA input board. Scrubbed the affected areas wtih alcohol and all that. Result now is I get a green status, but yellow mute LED. No speaker relays are clicking. I adjusted the rail voltage per the beginning of the service manual to within spec. I am throwing in the towel and asking for some help on what to look at next. From what I can see, the relays are not getting a ground to trigger them. Thanks for any and all help and I promised not to be like that other guy asking that never followed up with what he found wrong after being asked to check pins 1 and 2 at IC 502, lol

maybe I can learn enough to get back to the ADS units after this one.
I dont see any open traces. however, the side we are talking about had some hot/ugly resistors. I had replaced them with 5% tolerance units. Ive probably spent hours looking at this board with the magnifying glass, lol
Continuity between the inner non bridgeable speaker terminals with no power applied to the amp reads about 1 ohm
The emitter of Q504 should be connected to ground but all grounds read at 0v but that emitter reads 5v. Where is the break?

The attached image shows the material I was asking about.


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