Alpine 3362 display not working???


2010-07-14 11:42 pm
Hi I have an alpine 3362 sound field processor, it has a hideaway box and display/control unit on a long din lead.

The unit powers up and all buttons light up and functions switch when buttons pressed, however the analyzer display doesn't light up?
I tested the din lead and all the pins work fine.

Any ideas or thoughts appreciated.


Paid Member
2007-09-15 8:14 am
Haven't a clue what one of those looks like, but if it's an LCD display, then they often use just a bulb for backlighting... common failure point on any equipment.

If it's a VFD (Vacuum Flourescent) type then there is more electronics involved. A DC to DC convertor would be used to derive heater supply and higher negative voltage rails... again the convertors (generally) can be a failure item. Usually dried up caps cause failure of the module.