Alpha Juno 2 VERY noisy chorus needs repair help


2010-11-24 2:51 pm
Recently i bought this unit cheap knowing a few things needed repairing (skippy dial fixed by resetting the synth, uneven velocity fixed by cleaning, presumably weak battery but works ok) .
All of them fixed easy but I created a new one:
A noisy chorus circuit!

The noise can be described as digital noise/silence shaped with a square wave 50% / 50% timeframe (drrrrrt / silence / drrrrt / silence...). The noise increases with CSR RATE, but goes away if bellow ca 70 value.
If I sett CSR RATE value low, play a note and increase CSR RATE it plays correctly. But if i play a new note with the now high setting it will distort the sound.

VCF and VCA LFO is not touched by this error.

The unit is fairly clean and shows no obvious signs of shorts or defect parts.

Any help here?

I have the 20 page service manual available if requested.

gain wire

2004-11-27 4:04 am
hi there trondl,
my initial response was going to be check the connections, clean the potentiometers, but I see you've already done that.
I am starting to wonder if maybe it's a capacitor problem, an old electrolytic might be leaky, something like that.

You know what? post this on in the geekslutz forum. I think you'll have a good time there and better luck.




2010-11-24 2:51 pm
Don't have access to a scope but this is how it sounds on CSR RATE: 127 and dropping towards 0 value after 5 seconds. Note that this is recorded at very high volume and is not very audible when played at normal levels.


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