Alpair suggestions for strings

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Hi everyone. I’ve built a number of Alpair speakers now - CHR70 micro towers, A5.2 umarken and A7.3 markens. Now looking for a specific recommendation for a set of full range speakers for listening to solo strings, in particular violin and cello concertos and secondly string quartet/chamber music.

It’s a fairly specific genre as a listening priority so I thought there may be some ideas from the wise heads here.

although I’ve only used Alpair full range drivers and was anticipating staying in this area I’m happy to move away from the Alpair series. I’ve done a number of two and three way builds in the past but enjoy the purity of the full range for simple classical. Pensil, frugal horn maybe fostex (or other drivers). Happy to get out of my comfort zone of Alpair designs by Dave. Maybe a Woden option (although some are probably a bit too large for my wife to find acceptable :p ).

Look forward to your ideas, suggestions.

Thanks in advance!
I know Bruce Pea of Ars Harmonia was enamoured of the Jordan full range Eikona 2 4" drivers if you are wanting to stay in that size range. I have a pair that I haven't built enclosures for yet but am looking forward to it when I see a glimmer of light.
Regards John L.
I would try something different with a ribbon, a Raal 140-15D ribbon with a good midwoofer (like a SB Acoustics Satori MW19PNW-4) in MTM setup. As far as i'm a big fullrange fan, ribbons in an MTM setup still sound the best for classical strings, next to big panel speakers like the magnepan (Planar) or Martin Logan (electrostatic).

If you want to stay with fullrange drivers, take ones that don't have the big bump in the high like many smaller tangband fullrange drivers, and couple them to a suitable woofer to have some bass. The bump in the high is very annoying with strings as it's just in the frequencyrange of the strings and make it uneven and earpiercing.
enamoured of the Jordan full range Eikona 2 4" drivers.

I have the Eikona 1 in sealed boxes. String tone is not very good, almost certainly not enough top end. Haven't yet tried adding a tweeter.

I also listen through a pair of reasonably good headphones, which still don't give a good string tone. I wonder whether many recordings just do not capture it well. It is particularly disappointing after a concert e.g. gloucester music society
All speakers involve compromise, and unfortunately FR speakers are most compromised in HF frequency response. This is the most critical area for violins. I listen to violins a lot. I have experimented endlessly to try and get an acceptable SQ. I have ended up with vertical pointing FR speakers, which sort of work for me in my room.
Faital Pro 4FE32

They are not sophisticated drivers and as direct radiators I cannot listen to them for any length of time with violins, but 90 degrees off axis with the HF coming indirectly off the front wall and ceiling they seem to have bite and presence without shrillness. Not perfect but as I say, in my room they work for me.
I was thinking of starting a thread about them (there are many idiosyncrasies in the design) but I have done no measurements.
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