Alpair MAOP 10.2


2014-06-20 11:19 am
The A10.2 MAOP should work in the A10.3 Pensil.


Original A10 MAOP would go in A10.2 Pensil.

Thanks Dave and Scott.

I'm deciding whether to use MAOP 10.2 in the usual Pensil/FHXL enclosure, or put in in a sealed cabinet (for a WAW hybrid design).

I'm leaning towards the latter, as I already have a Pensil cabinet (for my Alpair 10P), so I want to make things a little different this time and spice things up


2014-06-20 11:19 am
I have another question/dilemna:

I noticed that the MAOP 10.2's front plastic bezel cover (the ring trim front cover, sorry I forgot what it's called) looks like it is permanently attached to the driver frame itself.

I have had the Alpair 10P and 7.3, and both have easily removable ring bezel covers, while with the MAOP 10.2, I tried prying it off (just with hands, no tools), but I don't want to yank it off forcefully as it might break the plastic frame and lead to irreversible damage.

Is this so with all MAOP 10.2 owners?


2014-06-20 11:19 am
Go for it. The only big downside is more budget, for woofers, XOs. Have a spare amp in the closet?

Yes that was what I was thinking, but I'm willing to spice things up, since I have already heard MarkAudio's with bookshelf, pensil/fhxl, so trying out a WAW setup would be an interesting project.

Yes I was also planning to have the woofers have their own amplification while the MAOP 10.2 has its own amp to play the mid-hi region (sort of)
Awesome, These are expensive but are said to sound better that the A10p, the other one I was considering.
They should certainly different, but "better" is really subjective, and relates more to personal taste. The A10p is said to have a "vintage" sound, in part because of it's paper cone.

I have heard the Alpair Maop10.2, Alpair 11MS and Alpair 12p. Keramik, Metalcone and Paper.
I prefer them in that way.
But in my home is eating tweeter sound.
I have woodwalls. I need more tweeter sound. Alpair 10p maybe have better sound then Alpair 12p.
I have a pair of Tannoy mercury V1i. Budget speaker from early 2005.
Cheap speaker 150€. A bargain.
5" bass and 1" tweeter.
It have more microdetail.
But Alpair is more homogen. More bass. But Alpair 12p have less bass in my room.
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