alpair 12 box


2010-10-19 8:47 pm

first...sorry for my english because I am french Canadian.
I want to make a box for my alpair 12

but I like électronic music like trentmoller, so i want to make a small box for have a fast and tight response.

its a bass reflex box of .636 cubic feet, what you thinks about that?


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With this vent, it is what is known as an extended bass shelf (EBS) alignment which works well with either a high output impedance or in a low tuned (sub) woofer alignment, but not so much otherwise IME. I mean you can add damping to roll it off, but as is, it won't provide what I consider a 'fast'/'tight' response.

I'm not you though, so of course only one way to know for sure if it will meet your performance goals.