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Alnico Speaker Motors / Magnet Assemblies - Philips Full Range

For sale are 4 pairs of vintage Alnico speaker motors / magnet assemblies from Philips 9750M full-range speakers.

Though some are not pretty, and some show a bit of superficial corrosion, the motors are in good shape. Each weighs 1.3kg. They use 25.5mm voice coils and were designed by Philips to provide 13000 gauss (1.3 tesla) in the gap, which is about 1mm wide. They are constructed with a ring magnet and T-yoke (like most modern speakers), not the typical center-slug configuration many manufacturers used at the time (see Troels Gravesen's dissection of a 9710M motor, here which is similar to these).

Very niche items, but maybe some of our DIY full-range driver builders will be interested?

Make an offer! I'll ship anywhere.


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