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Allen Model 75 KT88/6550 mono amps (Restored)

Allen Model 75 KT88/6550 mono amps (Restored)

FS: Allen Organ Model 75's restored
I have been dragging my feet on this decision for some time but have decided it's time to let go of my Allen Model 75 KT88/6550 mono amplifiers. These were the heartbeat of my main system for a few years only to be put away when I went SET and high efficiency speakers.

Allen Organ Co. built these amplifiers for large church organ applications. They were over designed to withstand decades of use in those environments without failure. Very heavy wide bandwidth output, power and choke transformers with high quality components all around

These Allens 75’s have been recapped with Solen Fast caps and electrolytics have been replaced. Any out of spec resistors have been addressed also. Additions consisted of off/on switching, power-on indicator lamps and heavy duty power cords.

The work was done here in town by a local retired Navy electronics tech. that we have trusted for several amplifier restorations. I provided him with pages of internet notes on the circuit mods needed that make the 75's into outstanding audio amplifiers. The modification for the most part, revolved around a bypass of the 12AY7 to eliminate the excessive gain these amplifiers exhibit without the change. I have the schematic that notes the changes and it will be provided with the amplifiers.

These are wonderful sounding amplifiers with massive potted power, output and choke transformers from Acrosound and Saratoga. They finesse with the best while providing @75w/ch output using either KT88 or 6550.

Tube compliment included with the amplifiers:
4- Penta Labs KT88 SC
4- 6SN7GTB
2- EF86
2- 12AY7



You can view a photo album containing more pics of the amplifiers along with under deck shots here

Allen Model 75 pictures by dou1 - Photobucket

$1525.00 plus shipping

The amplifiers are heavy (@60lbs ea) and will be packed carefully for safe shipping to your location. I’m an experienced packer/shipper and encourage you to check my Audiogon feedback for verification of this. Audiogon member: Rmc

Payment methods accepted will be PayPal and Postal MO. If you chose PayPal please add 3% to the total (excluding shipping costs)