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Allen Bradley Carbon Composition 1 Watt

I have some unopened packages of 25 per pack, Allen Bradley 1 Watt 5% Carbon Composition resistors that I am willing to sell. I have packages for three different values: 2000 Ohms, 12K Ohms, and 150K Ohms.

Is anyone interested in those values?

I also have an open package of each, in case you don't want 25 of one value. And I have more than one unopened package of each value.

The box that the 150K packages came in says MIL # RC32GF154J, and has a date code: 8934. The 2000 Ohm packages have a code that's like the "MIL #" from the 150K box: RC32GF202J, and what looks like a date code of 8632. The 12K packages have RC32GF123J and 8648.

I don't really know how much they're worth. But judging by the completed sales on ebay, I'd guess somewhere between around $0.50 and $1.00 per resistor, depending on the quantity.

For now, if someone wants some of the unopened packages, email me with an offer.

For qty 5 or fewer, let's just say $1 per resistor, plus s/h. If anybody's interested, email me with what you want and I'll let you know what the s/h would be. (Within the USA, the s/h for small quantities will probably be $2, with 1st Class Mail delivery.)

I have Paypal and can also accept credit card payments through Paypal.