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Allan 8" speaker

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I am told these are quite rare, and don't turn up all that often.
I upgraded a system so this is spare.

It's in perfect nick, works fine, and has Alnico magnet.
It has the famous "doped cambric" surround


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OK... the later Allan full range 8" drivers are considered to be very good (with the twin cones and large magnets).
I heard many people say they were better than Coral beta, which is still a real special number from Japan.

I have more of the CG8 type speakers, but the voice coils got burnt out, so they have to be rewound, and one needs a re-cone.
Luckily the cone is identical on the CB8T, so I could rescue a 15ohm one by swopping cones and voice coils.
I have a very rare AR Sugden connoisseur speaker here which used Allan 8" drivers & a small cone tweeter.
They are from almost 55yrs ago, and work perfectly.

I think very few were made, as I have only heard of one other pair in the world.
They sound a lot better with the full range drivers.

Sugden with his "connoisseur" brand was a very innovative inventor, one of a group in Yorkshire in the 60s, inc Calrec and others who made high quality microphones and mixing desks similar to NEVE.
Those are the only vertical bass reflex I have ever seen.
They are combined with a diffuser to make the finished speaker omnidirectional, - abolutely ideal for rear surround speakers, which is what they are used for.
They sound suprisingly good.
PS: I would expect that these would be attractive to the valve audio and full range community.

The company is Richard Allan.

They tended to make high efficiency drivers, and in later years the "tail end" of high efficiency, lower power PA drivers that were in fact good for home audio too.

I have measured a bunch of their ferrite magnet based drivers and found that they usually pretty good frequency response. No guarantee on these - I've never met them. From what I see in Australia and online these are early product from the company and not so common.
I'm in continental Europe. And?
Interesting you measured their later drivers.
I heard the doped cambrics actually improve with age.
It's something I can perfectly understand.

I have a number of the CG type drivers - mostly 8" but use a pair of their 15" and 12" without the "T" option on a daily basis..

The CG8Ts, I orginally bought direct from the factory.
People have never failed to be astonished by the sound ever since I installed them in my own cabinets years ago.
It's really astonishing to think they are 50yrs old and work so well.

In fact, they could not understand the sheer midrange clarity the dual cone speakers made with comparatively low power amps years and years ago (5W per ch).

It appears Allan speaker drivers were a total sleeper for a long time.
A whole load of Yorkshire based companies*existed that were dedicated to making typically British sounding hi quality stuff, - not loaded with the PR, and hype that exists today.

They do require very careful attention to roll off and cabinet design, (eg. get rid of boxiness), but many people have compared them with other full range drivers such as Coral, Fostex, Seas, AD, TB, Visa, Lowther etc and found they sound far better than all of them. with nothing like the characteristic harshness, and foggy low range you get with those.

These old drivers are like the later ones, except with really soft surrounds, so I suppose ideal for a 60s nostalgia set up.
Who knows?
I removed them because I needed CG8T in those vertical bass reflex by connoisseur*.
That improved them a lot.
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