All you speaker expert: problemo

I am using this forum as my dynaco a25 woofers are run filterless
in an open baffle with tweeter added on top. My problem is that one of
the woofers is louder than the other. I have tried swapping interconnects
channel for channel, same thing. I have ordered another woofer off
ebay and it is as weak as my right side speaker - same problem.
the left side is stronger and clearer. I can look on the back of the panel
and see the speaker moving more. I have tried an amp with a bal. control -
same problem, now curable with the control. The problem is most noticable
with voices; I have the singer singing out of one speaker and I know the
channels are balanced on the recording.

I really like the sound of this driver. I have had difficulty making it sound bad
in sealed, aperiodic, bass reflex, or open baffle. Help!

Ideas? Suggestions? thanks


2011-08-20 6:02 am
The balance problem may be an issue of the room. It is a problem I have as well. One speaker images differently and thus the volume is affected. The most i can do is make the adjustment at the balance control, while solves most of the problem.

Would the room contributing to the imbalance be a plausible answer to your problem?