All Overture series chip amplifiers from TI complete list

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With this post I wanted to create a quick reference to all chipamps from TI that are labeled Overture series.
I am assuming all of these should be able to achieve as low of THD figures as LM3886 (0.0033% @1kHz into 4ohm). THD+N probably will be worse since power output is lower.

Since LM3886 is out of stock I figured it would be interesting to use alternatives (even though they are not as powerful).

Overture chip amps list:

#1 LM3886
  • 68W into 4ohm, Vcc=Vee=28V
  • 50W into 8ohm, Vcc=Vee=35V


#2 LM4780 dual channel
  • 55W into 4ohm, Vcc=Vee=25V
  • 60W into 8ohm, Vcc=Vee=35V

[equivalent schematics is missing from the datasheet]

#3 LM2876
  • 40W into 8ohm, Vcc=Vee=30V
  • NA into 4ohm


#4 LM4766 dual channel
  • 40W into 8ohm, Vcc=Vee=30V
  • NA into 4ohm


#5 LM1876 dual channel
  • 22W into 4ohm, Vcc=Vee=20V
  • 20W into 8ohm, Vcc=Vee=22V


Any other chips I missed?
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