All in one audiophile class A Biamping system

Hi.I have big 13 inch tower for bass and 4 inch fullrange speakers.I have JLH and F5 amplifiers and like their sounds much but they take too many spaces including Dac.Power cables, Cables for PLLXO and active crossovers, amplifier cables , optical cable, 4 pcs of PTFE Speaker cables there are too many cables and equipment.We are fighting with wife because of these equipment.I like class A sound and i want to build or buy a budget system which includes PLLXO and active crossovers, dac and 4 channel class a amplifiers.Any ideas? If i can build it there will be only one power cable one optical and only 4 speaker cables which i can hide.
I want to build a system as small as possible and use switched mode because otherwise system will be huge.
I searched could not find a proper one. (some of them were very expensive)
IMHO you should use class AB for bass, there is no benefit for class A for bass. A simple blass AB (maybe with with CFP output) should have low output impedance and be able to control the woofers well and have higher output than the class A alternative.. Save the class A for the mid and treble where it makes the difference.
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Hi.I have IRAUDAMP7S and aliexpress cheap 500w IRS2092 class d amps. Do you think there will be a difference in sound quality between for example Papa's AB100 amplifier? Crossover point will be around 200- 340 Hz for bass. And also another problem i will plan to use all SMPS and there may be gnd loops and it may cause noise. (there will be active and passive crossovers for trying, dac , amplifiers in same case) A complete beautiful system with smd parts may be better for WAF but i could not find one on internet.
I have these parallel lm3886 amps which I built many years ago. Maybe I can use them for 4 ohm fullranges and maybe 2pcs tda7294 for 13 inch woofers 6ohm Sb34nrx75-6. The amplifier should be small as possible. I will not use this case because it is too big. Amp should be small as possible.
I have 2pcs lrs150-24 but I am not sure I can use them in series to get symmetrical supply( some says possible some not advises) But I need to use them.


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Today I tried 3x lm3886s in stereo mode. First channel has 10mv and other one about 19mv offset. Amplifiers sound excellent! Very sensitive and very well high frequency response. Very detailed and drives 4 ohm fullranges easily. I measured output voltage of amplifier while listening and it rarely exceedes 1.5v p-p output. Sound is high enough even at 500mV p-p output.
I will use another amps for bass response and use PLLXO but i afraid I couldn't get as a good sound image and soundstage as fullranges playing alone because of advantages of single source.

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