Alfreda Horn Plan 1

Hi fellow enthusiasts.

Hoping you can help me.

A Speaker Guy friend of mine was enthusiastic about the sound qualities of a Loudspeaker design which he new by the name of "Alfreda Horn Plan 1".

The Loudspeaker houses a single full range driver in each cabinet (eliminating the need for crossovers with their inherent complexity & expense) and includes an internal horn structure.

Unfortunately he's misplaced the plans for this build.

Can anyone assist me in locating the drawings/plans of the Alfreda Horn Plan 1?

many thanks



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From this thread - Plans for Alfredo Horn from Alf Lepp
Plans for Alfredo Horn from Alf Lepp

Thanks for your instant response 6L6.

Much obliged.

What thickness would you use for the cabinet sheets?

I have access to 19mm "yellow tongue" high density flooring grade particle board.
Is this worthwhile using to assist in elimination of cabinet resonance?
I know a downside is that the resultant cabinets will end up being pretty heavy.

The design looks quite intricate and might be a challenge for my capabilities.

Would you describe this particular plan as the best to undertake for effort vs result?

Also are there more detailed instructions available?