aleph5 components question

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friends!i 'm preparing my a5,i got a lot of zvp3310 and ztx451 for my zen4 which has already finished.for a5,i need irf9610 and mpsa18,but i find irf9610 a bit difficult to be matched by far as i know,zetex offers military grade components,is it possible to change irf9610 to zvp3310 as to make the matching easier?
Mil. spec. components will not make matching easier. Although there are a number of things involved in rating parts, mil. spec. simply means that the parts are more reliable, not necessarily better matched. The simplest example is resistors. Want a mil. spec. 1\2W resistor...use a 1W. Presto, a part with 100% more heat dissipation margin. That's oversimplified, but you get the idea.
Semiconductors are not closely matched by audio standards, although they do just fine for other things. It's still going to be up to you to choose devices that are matched.

Two weekends ago I measured the Vgs of 20 IRF9610's for my Aleph-X project, and I had 4 pairs match to less than 0.005V apart. Mine were all from the same lot code, which makes good matches more likely. I have also matched ZVP310's, and it was more or less the same difficulty matching ZVP3310's as IRF9610's.

You seem to be having more trouble than you should.

Cheers, Terry
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Hi, VanguardVillage

Thanks for your info. When I need some parts, I will contact you. :)
Actually, my question was to know where I could buy the so-called esoteric diy components here in Shanghai.

Again, thank you very much for your kind offer.

My Chinese does not work. . .

it's hard to say in a few words!

usually,i have 4 places to tell you !one is in kejijingcheng,in the -1 floor,it sells nos tubes! another is near the waitan,in which you can buy some dale resistence and other things for modern amplifier(contrast to tube)! the rest two shop sell tubes and antique speakers ,they are on the qiujiang road,a famous place for diyer! since you are no familiar with that place,it's almost impossible for you to get there! i 'll go there this weekend or next,if you have time and will,i can show you the way!
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